About LEAN.

Our Mission

LEAN Energy US (Local Energy Aggregation Network) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the accelerated expansion and competitive success of clean energy CCA nationwide.

LEAN works in partnership with a range of organizations to actively support the formation and operational success of  CCAs around the country. We do this on a pro bono, advisory basis as well as through consulting contracts with municipalities interested in forming their own CCA program.

Bringing clarity and direction to a complex arena, LEAN provides information resources and market expertise to a national network of local governments, commercial and non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and individuals wishing to pursue CCA in their state and/or community.

Core Functions & Services

LEAN’s programs and priorities are built around a framework of 5 core functions.

  1. Outreach, Information and Education
    • Our primary focus is on state and local governments but we seek to raise awareness about the benefits and mechanics of CCA to any audience that wishes information
    • We offer CCA “how to” presentations, webinars, educational workshops, 1:1 meetings, and web-based resources
  2. CCA Program Development
    • We track the market and provide market information, key contacts, and advisory services for communities and CCA programs in their early development process
  3. Regulatory and Legislative Affairs
    • LEAN supports new state legislation and participates in California legislative initiatives and regulatory proceedings
  4. New Market Development and Innovation
    • We have partnered on special projects including the Bay Area CCA Collaborative, the IL Energy Efficiency Project, and World Wildlife Fund’s EarthHour City Challenge. Special projects and initiatives change over time. Please contact LEAN for latest project information.
    • We share best practice case studies and “cross pollinate” to help the market evolve and innovate in the CCA operations and clean energy space.
  5. Consulting Services
    LEAN staff and consultants are available on an hourly, contract basis to support the nuts-and-bolts of CCA formation and program design; we will work directly for a local jurisdiction or as subcontractors on a broader team.

The Important “Fine Print”

To help underwrite operating expenses, we are truly grateful for the financial support provided by program sponsorships, individual donations, service fees, and foundation grants.

As a hub organization, LEAN has a variety of supporters and partners; we do not endorse commercial vendors or sign exclusive partnership agreements. LEAN does not endorse political candidates; however, we will engage in legislative and regulatory proceedings that have a clear impact on CCA in various markets.

Meet the Team

LEAN benefits from a broad network of CCA and energy market experts, and welcomes the perspectives of energy professionals around the country.
LEAN is directed by its co-founder, Shawn Marshall, supported by a great team of part-time staff, and guided by a seasoned group of advisers with
expertise in the energy, finance, legal, environmental, and related business fields. Come meet our team…

LEAN Staff/Consultants

Shawn Marshall
Alison Elliott
Scott Blaising, Esq.
Susan Bierzychudek

LEAN Board of Directors

Dan Douglass, Esq.
John Kelly, Chair
Shawn Marshall
Jeff Shields


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