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LEAN Energy US' 2023 Study
Community Choice Aggregation: A Cost-Effective Policy Tool that Accelerates Competitive Renewable Power Addition and Carbon Reduction at Scale

LEAN ENERGY US’ 2023 report on Community Choice Aggregation is now out!

After many months of research, surveys, focus groups, and industry leader interviews, LEAN's study shows the CCA model as an efficient, equitable and cost-effective policy tool for providing competitive pricing and renewable power to a large number of electricity consumers in the United States. The study reviews state-by-state market status, national impacts, and most importantly, an analysis covering the potential of CCAs to accelerate state and national governments' environmental, social and economic goals in the energy sector.

The slide presentation from our webinar on June 28th is available to view or download HERE.


Author: Claire Dépit

Contributing Editors: Alison Elliott, Mike Gordon, Paul Grover, John Kelly

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