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LEAN is proud to have supported CCA expansion efforts in New York with the creation of Westchester Smart Power as well as early investigations in Utah, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Virginia. In California, we’ve supported CCA formation in every part of the state, whether as advocates, advisors or under contract.

“San Diego is on the cusp of adopting Community Choice in part because of the guidance and mentorship of Shawn Marshall and LEAN Energy. From the very beginning in 2013, LEAN Energy was instrumental in educating, supporting and inspiring many of San Diego’s current Community Choice champions.  LEAN Energy gave us the confidence and competence to promote Community Choice as the single most effective climate strategy available to our community.  It has taken us many years to be poised to implement Community Choice, but Shawn has remained a partner and mentor to our entire region.  Thank you for all you do, LEAN Energy!”

Nicole Capretz

Executive Director

Climate Action Campaign

“We found LEAN to be quite a valuable partner as we introduced CCA to New York State in 2012 & 2013. We organized at the grass roots and LEAN educated local activists quite effectively. It gave folks the comfort to move ahead. This local confidence allowed us to confidently propose a legislative pilot. That got New York’s regulatory gears grinding. LEAN created clear material, articulated it simply and effectively, and backed their experience up with data throughout the nation. We were and are pleased to be associated with the LEAN team.”

Mike Gordon

Chief Executive Officer

Joule Assets

“Shawn and LEAN Energy have been invaluable to CREA in our efforts to understand Community Choice Aggregation and how we might make it work in Oregon.  Her knowledge of CCA’s not only in California but elsewhere and ability to use that information in a collaborative manner with interested parties in Oregon has been extremely useful in our efforts.  In addition to interactions with key stakeholders and local officials, Shawn has been effective in formal testimony before State legislators.”

Brian Skeahan

Executive Director

Community Renewable Energy Association

“After almost 40 years in the electric energy business, I was skeptical that any meaningful form of competition could upset the status quo of incumbent monopolies in Arizona. Shawn aptly provided CCA education support and information-sharing to advance CCA’s potential in Arizona. the benefits and challenges have been clearly articulated and she guided our group and the Arizona Independent Scheduling Administrator’s Association (AZISA) board and members through the steps to establish a path forward. We can use this knowledge to rally the many municipalities desiring to provide more renewable electricity, expand economic growth and advance their carbon-neutral goals to become a community choice aggregator. We anticipate additional resources and direction as our partnership expands. If you are not familiar with the many success stories, please seek Shawn Marshall and LEAN’s advice.”

Vicki Sandler, J.D.

Executive Director

Arizona Independent Scheduling Administrator’s Association


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