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In 1996, New Hampshire was the first state to pass an Electric Utility Restructuring Act to de-monopolize aspects of the power sector and give customers greater choice, lower costs, and enable market innovations. After a stall in the market for several years, New Hampshire’s Community Power law was passed and became effective October 1, 2019 to help revamp the efforts.
communities with Local CCA Authorization
active CCA communities
inactive CCA communities
MWh of annual load (expected: 2023)
statewide population participants
total customer
3 to 30
-month electricity
supply contracts

Use this interactive map to explore CCA communities across New Hampshire.

Use your mouse to zoom in and click on flags for more information.


New Hampshire restructured and implemented retail choice in 1996, with an opt-in option (RSA 374-F).  As a result, there was not much impact on the state’s electric offering. To remedy this, in 2019 the state introduced an update to the law, RSA-53E which allowed for opt-out choice. In addition, the update also authorized Community Power Programs to implement electricity metering infrastructure. 

In January, 2021  HB 315 was introduced, which would place a number of regulatory and other hurdles in the way of, and perhaps even deter, communities hoping to adopt power aggregation plans. Fortunately, in April, 2021, both the state’s electric utilities and community power advocates unanimously agreed to an amendment of HB 315 that will eliminate the bill’s most objectionable features.

The Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) formed a Super JPA in early 2021 with the cities of Hanover, Lebanon, Nashua and Cheshire. These member municipalities began working together to competitively procure electricity supplies, offer innovative customer services and programs, and begin to work in partnership with distribution utilities, regulators and innovative businesses to modernize the state's electrical grid and market infrastructure. On October 1, 2021, Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire incorporated with thirteen municipal members and 1 county Member. Coalition Membership is open to all New Hampshire cities, towns, counties and regionally operated Community Power Aggregations.


The state launched its first CCA programs in the Spring of 2023, with 14 communities participating. 10 to 30 additional communities are set to start a CCA program in the coming months.

  • Between May and July 2023, all CCA communities have standard, 33% renewable, 50% renewable, and 100% renewable energy rates lower than the default utility standard rates (see Figure 20). This has been demonstrated to be an excellent opportunity for customers to increase the demand for renewable energy in the state.

  • The Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (“CPCNH”)’s ten CCAs are projected to save on average 23% in the first three months of the program, representing $5,855,000.[1] Additionally, Standard Power and Good Energy’s collective estimates[2] that their four CCA communities will save 25% on their electricity bills in 2023.

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