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Our Mission

LEAN Energy US (Local Energy Aggregation Network) is dedicated to the accelerated expansion and competitive success of clean energy CCA nationwide. We work in partnership with a range of organizations to actively support the formation and operational success of CCAs around the country. We do this on a pro bono, advisory basis as well as through professional service contracts with states and municipalities interested in authorizing and forming CCA programs.

Bringing clarity and direction to a complex arena, LEAN provides information resources and market expertise to a national network of local governments, commercial and non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and individuals wishing to pursue CCA in their states and/or communities.

Core Functions and Services

LEAN’s programs and priorities are built around a framework of 4 core functions:


Outreach, Information and Education

Our primary focus is educating state and local officials and stakeholder groups, but we seek to raise awareness about the benefits and functional mechanics of CCA to any audience that wants to learn about it. We offer CCA “how to” presentations, webinars, educational workshops, and web-based resources. We have presented at numerous national and international conferences, and frequently contribute to CCA-related white papers and studies.

CCA Formation and Development

We track the market and provide information, key contacts, and professional advisory services for communities wishing to pursue CCA and operational programs that need on-going support.

Regulatory and Legislative Affairs

LEAN supports new state legislation around the United States and participates in regulatory and legislative initiatives in California.

New Market Development and Innovation

A big part of our job is to export CCA best practices, especially in the area of clean power integration, and support the adoption of CCA enabling legislation in new States. Recent succeses include the State of New York and LEAN is supporting nascent efforts in the states of Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Virginia.

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