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CCA is delivering immediate and significant progress on previously intractable energy challenges. That is why supporting LEAN’s work matters so much. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to LEAN Energy US! Every dollar matters, and we so appreciate your support.

Membership Benefits


  • Access to LEAN's extensive network of CCA contacts, related vendors/supporters

  • Presentation opportunities during LEAN webinars and meetings

  • Recognition on LEAN’s website, and in newsletters and webinars

Regular reporting and resources:

Member Only Access to:

  • Monthly federal funding opportunities reports

  • CCA metrics database

  • Resource library (coming soon)

  • Member directory (coming soon)

2023/2024 Initiatives

Individual State Engagement

  • Monitor CCA activity in all states, both with and without enabling legislation

  • Quarterly newsletters and/or webinars with activity reports and highlights

  • Emergent State CCA Peer Network monthly meetings

  • CCA metrics database tracking several data points for every CCA in the US (to launch Q1 2024)

  • Continue to support enabling legislation and/or pilot projects in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Philadelphia

  • As 2023/2024 budget allows, employ regional directors to:

    • Expand LEAN's relationships with individual state and local governments, CCAs and stakeholder groups

    • Provide monthly individual state activity reports for LEAN members including RFI and RFP announcements

    • Attend relevant meetings and conferences in their region


Federal Government Engagement

  • Assist CCAs and municipalities find and apply for funding opportunities 

  • Educate Federal Agencies, including the DOE, on the value of CCA in achieving climate action and Justice40 Goals

  • Leverage LEAN's extensive network of industry leaders and members/donors to advocate for the expansion of resources and support for CCAs in both established and emerging markets

  • Monthly federal funding opportunities (as relevant for CCAs) reports

  • Organize a coalition of stakeholders in response to upcoming funding opportunities associated with IIJA Section 40103(b)

  • Quantifying CCA Status and Market Potential through the development and publication of an analytical CCA White Paper and national CCA survey/metrics database (view HERE)

Suggested Membership Levels

CCA Supporter-$250-$1,000

(Local Governments, Individuals)


Small Company-$3,000

(Net annual revenues under $2M)


Midsize Company-$5,000

(Net annual revenues from $2M-$10M)

Large Company-$10,000

(Net annual revenues over $10M)

Expansion Champion Sponsorship

$15,000 and up

Thank You Supporting Members and Partners!

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