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September 30th, 2024 - October 1st, 2024

The 2024 National CCA Conference is a thought leadership opportunity for all CCA stakeholders across the country. For the first time in 11 years, community groups, energy suppliers, utilities, state regulators, state agencies, federal agencies, and local officials will have the opportunity to sit at the same table to discuss their challenges, opportunities, and vision for the future of CCA markets. 


From workshops to panel discussions, this conference will offer a platform to discuss the role of local communities in transitioning to a reliable and clean grid infrastructure, while utilizing local, state, and federal resources. 

+1,200 communities
have an active CCA program
10.6 million households
benefit from CCA
CCA represents 7% of the US residential power consumption
Community Choice Aggregation (a.k.a. CCA*) is a game-changing local energy model that is accelerating our country’s transition to a clean energy future. CCA is a shared-service model with investor-owned utilities that enables cities and counties to aggregate their electric load for the purpose of lowering electric rates, offering ratepayers a choice, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
LEAN Energy US provides information resources and market expertise to a national network of local governments, commercial and non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and individuals wishing to pursue CCA in their state and/or community.

*The term “Community Choice Aggregation” is commonly used across the US, however, some states may refer to this model by "Community Choice Electricity", "Community Choice Energy", "Community Energy Aggregation", "Local Choice Energy", "Government Energy Aggregation", etc.

State-By-State CCA Map

Explore the latest CCA market insights and policy updates in all 10 CCA-enabled states.

How CCA Works


benefitting from affordable rates, local control, cleaner energy

delivering energy, maintaining lines, 

billing customers

buying and building electricity supply

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